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Night Fright, C-47 Skytrain – Open Label

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With this Av-Alc. Label we celebrate the “Night Fright” C-47 Skytrain, serial number 42-100521, while also supporting the Night Fright Restoration Project with their efforts in returning the aircraft to the sky to become a flying memorial to the men of Troop Carrier Command and the 436th Troop Carrier Group who fought and died for the liberation of Europe.

This label is one of our innovative Open Labels, meaning you can pair the label with any of our available liquor types, selection tick box above.

The label is made from aircraft type aluminium parts riveted together with actual aircraft rivets. It features several pieces of hardware including a lead-free wire lock security seal with 2 x thumb, friction set, nuts. The bottle stopper incorporates an actual knurled M29 connector nut.

The printed label was designed by Neil Jones, key member of the Night Fright project, with help and input from Charlie Walker, owner and pilot of the Night Fright C-47.

Each bottle is individually hand labelled with the label effectively being built around the specially moulded Av-Alc Mk II glass bottle. The bottle volume is 700 ml.

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