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All updates and additional information will be posted here, this is where you stay informed with all things Aviation Heritage Spirits. You will also find frequently asked questions with answers below, please fire away and ask if you are in need of information. Repeat questions are posted to assist and help inform.
Delivery Schedule.
We are working to achieve and maintain a standard “next week” order delivery schedule where orders placed one week is to be delivered the next week. We will get there and make this happen, but we are not there just yet.

Our available products are currently sold on a pre-order basis with delivery 2 - 4 weeks after purchase, first orders received will be first orders delivered. We are confident that we will be able to maintain this delivery schedule unless something totally unforeseen were to happen.

We do appreciate the fact that this is not an ideal situation, in an attempt to make up for it in some small way, we are offering some great deals with our Pre-Order Promotion.

Delivery Updates

Flight 10/2021: Orders up to Order Nr: SB/538, placed before 18 October 2021 are scheduled for delivery at the end of October, first week of November.

Flight 11/2021: Orders placed from 18 October 2021 up to (date to be announced) will be scheduled for delivery end of November.

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Questions and Answers

1. When and How do I Order?
Our released products will become available to pre order from 16 September 2020, exclusively via this website.
2. Do you deliver internationally?
Unfortunately not at this time. Each country and sometimes different areas within the same country, have their own rules and regulations when it comes to liquor delivery. This makes for a very complex situation with lots of red tape that needs to be worked through. We are working on this and hope to gradually build up an international distribution network.

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