Special Tribute Spirits

At Special Tribute Spirits, we create one-of-a-kind decanters and bottles with custom artwork commemorative labels and offer to pair them with premium liquors that we have hand-selected (and taste tested) from various craft distillers based around the world.


Aviation Heritage Collection

In our AVIATION HERITAGE COLLECTION, our custom molded bottles are designed to be fitted with our unique “aircraft-skin” type labels using aircraft building tools and techniques. Along with the custom artwork from Cockpit Creations, our unique and rare bottles celebrate, commemorate, and pay tribute to significant historical events, famous aviators, and iconic aircraft.  Occasionally, when we get our hands on some rare material from some of the world’s most historic aircraft, we announce our very Limited Releases, where we include a piece of the material in each bottle skin. 

Our creations have proven to be stand-out pieces on bars and conversation starters everywhere they show up. As each bottle has only gone up in value, you’ll want to own the entire collection.  Be sure to sign up for the Eagle Squadron for first notification on these bottles, pre-sales and special offers. 

                                                          Do you have a legacy of your own you’d like us to commemorate?                                                                  Send us a message [email protected] to capture your piece of aviation history in a bottle.

                                                                  See More of Cockpit Creations at www.cockpitcreations.com

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