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From the early days of powered flight there has been Av-Gas. the fuel for piston engine aircraft, and then came Av-Tur. the fuel for turbine engine aircraft. While contemplating this it soon became apparent to us that this was an unfair situation in that we as aviators and aviation enthusiasts should also have a fuel of our own. So we set out to correct this injustice and we are very pleased to say that there now exists a third type of aviation fuel: Av-Alc. for the people of aviation, Aviator Fuel.

Av-Alc. Aviator Fuel Concept

To celebrate our extremely rich aviation heritage in a befitting manner, we have put together a unique new concept allowing us to bring to market, various collections of truly bespoke and very special, aviation inspired liquor products. Our concept is most probably best described as a combination of ideas, sort of Contract Batch Distillery meets Craft Liquor Club, rolled into one through a journey of discovery, but with a twist.

So, we have embarked on this journey of discovery to find a variety of quality distilled spirits with the aim of bringing together a whole range of different liquors from various independent craft distilleries. The sourced liquor Batches will be numbered and catalogued with all relevant information documented. This exclusive range of spirits will then be bottled and made available in our unique Mk II liquor bottles fitted with a custom Av-Alc Label to represent and be released as part of a Collection. It is our aim to continuously grow and add to this inventory of quality batch distilled liquors.

Our MkII Bottles were especially designed and are custom moulded to be fitted with our Av-Alc Labels which is an aircraft-skin type metal, wood, and or composite label, complete with rivets, hinges and some other bits of hardware. Each bottle is individually hand labelled with the labels effectively being built onto the bottles. These custom designed labels allow us to create bespoke bottle labels that feature specific information, details and or artwork. In this way we can then create labels to celebrate, commemorate and pay tribute to significant historical events, famous aviators, and iconic aircraft.

As for the above-mentioned twist, because of the bespoke nature of our bottles, and due to the time and effort invested into producing each individual bottle, they are sure to become treasured collectable items. With this in mind, we will be offering a “Refuelling” service to refill empty bottles sent back to us, this will allow for bottles to be recycled and the labels to be reused multiple times. In true aviation style and tradition a WWII type “Victory Sign” will be added onto the bottle label with every refill.

But, the best part of all is the fact that with each refill customers will have the option to be supplied from a different batch of same range spirits. In this way, we are then able to invite our customers to journey along with us in discovering a variety of different quality crafted spirits, until that very special drink is found.

Batches, Collections and Labels

Collections we have in mind for release include a Fighter Aircraft Collection, a Bomber Aircraft Collection, a Planes of Fame Collection, and of course a WWII era Nose Art Collection, to name but a few. The list is extensive, but then we plan to make available several different batches of each liquor variety, gin, rum, vodka, brandy, whiskey, bourbon, etc. Plenty of the good stuff out there to fill all our ideas.

We also have no shortage of ideas when it comes to labels for these collections, from a wood and fabric label to represent the Wright Flyer, to a composite label to represent the Eurofighter Typhoon. Some favourite label ideas that are very high on the to do list are: A cold war era Vulcan Bomber Vodka label, an 8th Airforce B17 Tail Codes Bourbon label, a wood and fabric WWI Lafayette Escadrille Brandy label.

In addition to these ideas we will also be offering bespoke label design and bottling for custom private collections ordered to celebrate, aviation milestones, achievements and or specific aircraft. Due to interest we are even considering a sister company to make available a tweaked version of this registered design in the form of non-aviation related products.

Refuelling Service

Our refuelling or re-bunkering service makes it possible for bottles to complete more than one mission, fly multiple sorties if you will. With each refill a “Victory Sign” will be added to the bottle label in line with our aviation theme and concept.

Traditionally a victory sign would be applied to a pilot’s aircraft with every aerial combat victory. A pilot credited with five aerial victories would become an Ace, then with ten victories a Double Ace and so on.

We will conform to this historic standard, but once Double Ace level is reached, with limited edition labels, we will re-fill the bottle free of charge one last time before returning it to home base for retirement. It will be possible to refill bottles with normal non numbered labels an extra five times to achieve Triple Ace status before retirement.

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and contributing towards a more sustainable way of live, we do this by applying basic Reduce, Reuse & Recycle principles and objectives. Our refuelling initiative does therefore not only serve as a reward to return customers, it also creates the opportunity for our customers to contribute towards a more eco friendly way of life.

Availability and Delivery Details

Due to the bespoke nature and large number of different custom options available, our products are for the largest part individually handmade to order. We are very proud of the fact that our products are innovative, unique, and not your typical off the shelf kind of items, but this does bring with it some challenges as far as product availability and lead times are concerned.

We are working to achieve and then maintain a standard “next week” order delivery schedule, orders placed one week will be delivered the next week. At present however, we are not at this stage just yet and will be regulating the number of bottles made available at any one time. The released number of bottles will then be available to purchase on a pre-order basis. Please see Updates, FAQ’s & Contact page for further information and updates.

We have contracted in the services of the vastly experienced United Parcel Service (UPS) to handle our order delivery requirements through their global shipping network. We do not offer complete international delivery at this stage, but with UPS onboard we are certainly well positioned to offer an extensive international delivery option soon. All the various UPS delivery services or shipment options are available directly to our customers through a fully integrated and linked system.

As delivery packaging we will be using a fantastic and extremely innovative product called Flexi-Hex®. We are very excited to have found this product for as far as packaging goes, we think it is the next best thing since sliced bread. The Eco Bottle Packaging Kit we will be using is an innovative new eco-friendly solution for the safe shipping of bottles.

It is a sustainable bottle packaging solution which equals the high-level protection of traditional bottle packaging materials such as polystyrene and polyethylene. Yet, it is plastic freepaper based from over 85% recycled content, reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.

There is very little that can be added to this, except to maybe mention as a reminder; Unpack deliveries with care and hang on to the reusable packing material, you never know, you may very well feel like sending that bottle back to us for a refill at some point.

Invitation for Collaboration

We would like to extend an open invitation for collaboration to our customers, liquor distilleries, distributors and of course all aviation organisations. It would be great to receive feedback from our customers, please also send us your ideas and thoughts on collections, labels and spirits you would like to see included.

Liquor distilleries, local and international, interested in supplying and making available a liquor or range of liquors with us, either as a short-term promotional drive or as a long-term arrangement, we look forward to hearing from you.

Aviation organisations looking for a bespoke and very exclusive liquor collection as corporate gifts, to celebrate key events or to create brand awareness, look no further. We can create and bring together a truly unique and special collection on appointment, from a quality selected liquor, to a custom designed label to individual specification.

Aircraft restoration projects, we believe that there is great potential for applying the Aviation Heritage Spirits concept and products to support aircraft restoration fundraising and awareness campaigns. In association with Aero Craft Panels we are very keen to become involved and contribute towards getting some beautiful aircraft back in the sky.

Update 19/10/2020 – Thank you for all the interest regarding our plans to support restoration projects, unfortunately we will not be bringing any more restoration projects onboard at this time. We will now focus and concentrate our efforts into the exciting partnerships we have recently made, we look forward to updating all with more information on these collaborations very soon!

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