Nonpareil Apple Brandy – Henstone Distillery

This Apple Brandy is a product of Henstone Distillery and is distilled from their own cider to produce a wonderfully smooth and warming craft spirit.

Following distillation, the spirit is matured in new American oak casks at approximately 65% before being bottled at 45%. An exceptionally smooth distillate. Maturation in new American oak barrels introduces a pleasant vanilla flavour and a little smoke on the nose.

The name is derived from Sweeney Nonpareil, which is a native Shropshire apple, that almost became extinct in the 1970s. It is one of the varieties of local apples Henstone press to make the cider. When you visit you can see the apple trees in their orchard. The cider, produced by Stonehouse Brewery is sold as Sweeney Mountain (refreshing, traditionally produced, medium dry) and Elevate (sparking medium dry and bursting with apples) ciders.

Refill Volume: 700ml with 45% ABV.

Same liquor previously released as: Batch 04.20 – 02.01 Bdy

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