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Vulcan Bomber, XJ823, Alnwick Legendary Dark Rum

This rum is a product of Alnwick Rum Company and logged with us as Batch 06.21 – 04.01 Rum. ABV 43% with a bottle volume of 700ml.

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With this Legendary Dark Rum label, we celebrate the legendary Avro Vulcan bomber, and this specific label was designed to pay tribute to Vulcan XJ823, the fastest Vulcan in the world!

With a wingspan of 111ft and weighing around 200,000 lb the Avro Vulcan bomber was built at the height of the Cold War in the early 1960s. Vulcan XJ823 is currently an attraction at the Solway Aviation Museum in Carlisle, Cumbria and has been there since the 24th of January 1983. It had been bought from the Royal Air Force by two volunteers for £2,000 with around 5,953.30 hours on the airframe. The tail now carries 35Sqn insignia on the starboard side and 27Sqn (Dumbo) on port.

Supersonic Vulcan? On the 5th Feb 1970 in Akrotiri, the captain of XJ823 was authorised to carry out an air test and a high speed run starting at 50,000ft. Apparently the aircraft was reluctant to slow down and the air brakes didn’t help. He was pulling back on the stick as hard as he could but as unable to pull out of the dive, he ordered the crew to abandon the aircraft but they were unable due to the g force. Finally around 30,000ft, the aircraft started to respond and began to slow down and pull up, the captain reported that he thinks the speed indicator was 1.0IMN.

The label is made from aircraft type aluminium parts riveted together with actual aircraft rivets which has been counter sunk to better represent the streamline skin of this aircraft. It features several pieces of hardware including a lead-free wire lock security seal with 2 x thumb, friction set, nuts. The bottle stopper incorporates an actual knurled M29 connector nut.

Each bottle is individually hand labelled with the label effectively being built around the specially moulded Av-Alc Mk II glass bottle. The bottle volume is 700 ml.

This label has been initially released as an Alnwick Legendary Dark Rum, but as it’s design is based on our Open Label concept and we will be adding more liquor types to this label for you to choose from in the future.