Batch 05.21 – 02.01 Wky Henstone Distillery
April 15, 2021
Vulcan Bomber, XJ823, Alnwick Legendary Dark Rum
June 25, 2021
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Airspeed Oxford, Saving Amy, London Dry Gin

This Gin is a product of Henstone Distillery and logged with us as Batch 02.21 – 02.01 Gin ABV 40% with a bottle volume of 700ml.

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With this Gin label, we celebrate the Airspeed Oxford aircraft and support the restoration project by the Saving Amy team.

This label carries two separate aircraft numbers: V3540 was part of a batch of 500 Airspeed Oxfords built by de Havilland, Hatfield and delivered between July 1940 and May 1941, and was the aircraft that the famous aviatrix and ATA pilot Amy Johnson tragically lost her life in.

EB518 is an Airspeed Oxford currently being restored by the ‘Saving Amy’ team of volunteers at Blackpool Airport, the same airport that Amy Johnson’s final flight was taken from.

The label is made from aircraft type aluminium parts riveted together with actual aircraft rivets and as a new feature, the label also incorporates wood to better represent the Airspeed Oxford which was primarily made from wood. It features several pieces of hardware including a lead-free wire lock security seal with 2 x thumb, friction set, nuts. The bottle stopper incorporates an actual knurled M29 connector nut.

Each bottle is individually hand labelled with the label effectively being built around the specially moulded Av-Alc Mk II glass bottle. The bottle volume is 700 ml.

This label has been initially released as a London Dry Gin, but as it’s design is based on our Open Label concept and we will be adding more liquor types for you to choose from in the future.

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06.20-02.01 Gin, Henstone Distillery, 01.20-01.10 Gin, Union Distillers