P40 Warhawk, Shark – Av-Alc. Label
April 14, 2021
Batch 05.21 – 02.01 Wky Henstone Distillery
April 15, 2021
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Batch 07.20 – 03.01 Vod Private Label

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Polish Vodka – Private Label

This Vodka is imported from Warka Poland where it is distilled to authentic production methods from the 18th century that is famed for making the absolute best spirits.

Small quantities of aged Plum and Apple spirits are added to superior Rye and Wheat spirit. It remains a plain liquor, but the addition of the fruit spirits gives this Polish Vodka a depth of flavour and complexity rarely found in modern-day Vodkas.

Refill Volume: 700ml with 40% ABV.

Same liquor previously released as: N/A, this is a first release.

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