Refuelling Service Return or Refill

In line with aviation tradition, a Victory “V” sign will be awarded for each refuelling mission completed, and for every fifth refuelling mission completed, Ace status will be achieved and or upgraded in addition to the victory signs being awarded and affixed to the Av-Alc label.

How many refuelling missions a label could be signed up for and complete depends on the label design which determines the Service Life of a label. Some of our label designs will accommodate refuelling mission victories up to Double Ace status, and with others it will be possible to reach Quadruple Ace status.

Another fantastic feature of our refuelling service is the fact that it creates the opportunity to change both liquor batch and liquor type when refuelling! This is made possible through our innovative new Open Label design which allows us to replace and update the printed liquor data on labels.

We offer great Refuelling Incentives and have created two Refuelling Options, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. The main difference between the two options is that; with Option A, we send a Drop Tank of liquor out and the empty bottle is refuelled at home base, while with Option B, the empty bottle is returned to us and the refuelling is done by us.

We considered several options on how, and in what form exactly, we should present and send out our Option A liquor refills. But, when the idea of a reusable aluminium Drop Tank emerged, it immediately became the obvious choice. It not only fitted in perfectly with our aviation theme, but it also furthers our Reduce, Reuse & Recycle objectives.

Our current selection of refuelling liquor batches are listed below with the available in stock labels highlighted. Please see Refuelling Procedures for more information on how best to proceed when placing a refuelling order.

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