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July 10, 2020
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July 10, 2020
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Spitfire N3277, AZ-H, Vodka

Please Note: This label was part of our Battle of Britain 80-year Commemoration Collection which is no longer available.


With this Vodka Label we celebrate the Battle of Britain 80-year anniversary while paying tribute to Supermarine Spitfire serial number N3277. This Mk Ia Spitfire was allocated to RAF 234 Squadron and flown by Plt/Off Janusz Żurakowski, amongst others, during the Battle of Britain carrying squadron code AZ-H.

The label is made from aircraft type aluminium parts riveted together with actual aircraft rivets. It features several pieces of hardware including a lead-free wire lock security seal with 2 x thumb, friction set, nuts. The bottle stopper incorporates an actual knurled M29 connector nut.

Each bottle is individually hand labelled with the label effectively being built around the specially moulded Av-Alc Mk II glass bottle. The bottle volume is 700 ml.

The Battle of Britain Commemoration Collection is limited to 1000 numbered bottles all labels included.

Note: Actual product may vary slightly from product images.

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