Typhoon RB396, XP-W, London Dry Gin
July 6, 2020
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Spitfire N3162, EB-G, Gin

Please Note: This label was part of ourBattle of Britain 80-year Commemoration Collectionwhich is no longer available.


With this Gin Label we celebrate the Battle of Britain 80-year anniversary while paying tribute to Supermarine Spitfire serial number N3162. This Mk Ia Spitfire was allocated to RAF 41 Squadron and flown by Plt/Off Eric Stanley Lock during the Battle of Britain carrying squadron code EB-G.

The label is made from aircraft type aluminium parts riveted together with actual aircraft rivets. It features several pieces of hardware including a lead-free wire lock security seal with 2 x thumb, friction set, nuts. The bottle stopper incorporates an actual knurled M29 connector nut.

Each bottle is individually hand labelled with the label effectively being built around the specially moulded Av-Alc Mk II glass bottle. The bottle volume is 700 ml.

The Battle of Britain Commemoration Collection is limited to 1000 numbered bottles all labels included. The first 500 bottles are available to pre-order. Bottle numbers of all pre-order sales will be entered into a lucky draw competition with an Aero Craft Drinks Panel Mk3 as prize, see Pre-Order Promotion for more details.

Note: Actual product may vary slightly from product images.

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06.20-02.01 Gin, Henstone Distillery, 01.20-01.10 Gin, Union Distillers