Single Malt Whisky – Henstone Distillery

This beautifully smooth single malt Whisky is mashed, distilled, aged, and bottled by Henstone Distillery. It has not been chill filtered or coloured and this expression has been matured in ex-bourbon casks.

An interesting fact about Henstone Distillery is that they are one of a small number of distilleries south of the Scottish border, making their own wash (the beer that is distilled to produce whisky) on site. They have a philosophy of using only the finest malted barley to produce a distinctive and characteristic new-make spirit.

Henstone Distillery started whisky production soon after their still was installed in November 2017 and their very first whisky (or ‘new make’ as it is called after it has come out of the still) went into wood on the 10th of January 2018. It sold out within hours of the launch on the 23rd of January 2021.

Subsequent casks are now becoming available, but stocks will continue to be limited. We are extremely fortunate to have secured some of this exceptional Whisky on a quarterly basis, as casks reach maturity.

Refill Volume: 700ml with 43.8% ABV.

Same liquor previously released as: N/A, this is a first release.

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