Airspeed Oxford Restoration – ‘Saving Amy’

The Saving Amy Restoration team are a group of aviation enthusiasts and volunteers based at Blackpool airport, who are raising funds to rebuild a WW2 Airspeed Oxford aircraft. These aeroplanes were used to train bomber crews, often in Canada, where the Blackpool aircraft served before being brought back by the Midland Aircraft Recovery Group in the late 1990s.

Aerospace engineer and team leader Eric Watkiss –  “We have our replica aircraft but had been looking for originals that would have been based at Blackpool during the war. The Airspeed Oxford is very rare, there are only six in existence. We have 6,000 original design drawings and hope to have the cockpit section built using original parts in the next 12 months and use it for fund-raising. The other Blackpool connection is through Amy Johnson. Her last flight was from Prestwick and she stopped at Blackpool (formerly RAF Squire’s Gate) overnight with her sister who lived near Stanley Park. From there she flew on south but crashed in the sea in Herne Bay in 1941.”

The Saving Amy project aims to extend the skills of the volunteer team, whilst at the same time developing our Airport location as a new visitor venue, and providing a sense of team spirit and new opportunities for former UK Armed Forces Veterans and members of the public. The aim of the project is to, in the first instance, concentrate on redrawing the original Air Ministry Drawings and from these modern format plans to start the construction of the Airspeed Oxford MKV Cockpit Section. The re-formatting of these original drawings will be unique in the world of Aircraft restoration and these efforts may well help overseas projects in the future.

Aviation Heritage Spirits will be making donations to this fantastic and very unique restoration project, through sales of our Av-Alc Restoration labels.

To follow the progress of this restoration, please see the ‘Saving Amy’ on Facebook.