Av-Alc. Newsletter - 03/05/2021
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  1. Released: Our Refuelling Service is operational!
  2. Av-Report: Aircraft drop tanks.
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  4. Av-Humour: A light-hearted look at aviation, tales & cartoons.

Av-Alc. Drop Tanks

Refuelling - Option A

We send your selected refill liquor out to you in a reusable aluminium drop tank.


London Dry Gin

Batch 02.21 - 02.01 Gin
Batch 04.21 - 03.01 Clq
Corn Liquor

Corn Liquor

Refuelling Options

We have implemented two Refuelling Options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Option A

We send a Drop Tank of liquor out to you and the empty bottle is refilled by you at home base.

Option B

The empty bottle is returned to us and we do the refuelling at our premises.
Refuelling Options & Procedures

Victory Signs & Ace Status

Refuelling - Option B

Return your empty bottle to us, we will refill it and also update your Victories and Ace Status.

In line with aviation tradition, a Victory “V” sign will be awarded for each refuelling mission completed.
With every fifth refuelling mission completed, Ace status will be achieved and affixed to your Av-Alc Label.


Aircraft Drop Tank

In aviation, a drop tank (external tank, wing tank, or belly tank) is used to describe auxiliary fuel tanks externally carried by aircraft. A drop tank is expendable and often jettisonable.

External tanks are commonplace on modern military aircraft and occasionally found in civilian ones, although the latter are less likely to be discarded except in the event of emergency.

Usually the fuel in the drop tanks is consumed first, and only when all the fuel in the drop tanks has been used, the fuel selector is switched to the airplane's internal tanks.


Special Offer

Blue Skies Club Member Discount


Polish Vodka

Drop Tank

Less 10%

Batch 07.20 - 03.01 Vod
Batch 03.21 - 01.01 Rum

Navy Dark Rum

Drop Tank

Less 10%

Apply Coupon Code "Club Discount" during Checkout.
Limited in quantity, only available while
discounted stock lasts.


When refreshments are needed, they are needed, no matter when, and no matter where, leave the details to people of aviation to sort out!

Wonder if there may have ever been one or two "in cockpit" supply feeds devised, obviously for "in case of emergency" use only?
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